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Ark provide pest control solutions to squirrel infestations in London, the South East, the North West, the North and the Midlands.


  • Head and body length: 25-26.5cm.
  • Weight (adult): about 500gm.-
  • Tail length: around 22cm
  • Grey fur with large bushy tails


  • Squirrels breed around February/March and occasionally again in June/July
  • time.
    They can have 1 – 3 litters a year and around 1 – 7 young per litter.
  • The gestation periods last around 45 days, weaned after 8 – 10 weeks.
  • Capable of breeding at around 7 months but on average this takes place at around 10 – 12 months.
  • In the wild less than 1% lives for more than 6 years but have they have been known to live to 8 or 9 years.

Habits & Behaviour:

  • Squirrels are commonly found in deciduous and mixed woodlands, they are also found in hedgerows, banking, gardens, trees and farms.
  • Dreys (nests) are compact and sphere-shaped. 30-60cm in diameter and surrounded by twigs, dry leaves and grass inside.
  • Squirrels feed on acorns, tree shoots, flowers, nuts, fruits, roots and cereals. Food is eaten at ground level.
  • Their range covers 2-10 hectares and they bury spare food 2-5cm below the soil or in tree hollows.
  • They are diurnal, active before sunrise and after sunset.
  • The peak of activity is in the autumn.


  • Squirrels can nest in lofts, wall cavities, and the void in-between false walls.
  • By gnawing they can damage tree bark and the fabric of buildings.
  • Grey squirrels are widespread and not protected in the UK.

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